Casino Bonus – Fact or Fiction?

Casino bonuses: What’s the fuss? Is there anyone nice enough to give money away for free? Yes! And pigs fly!

It’s not hard to see that online casino operators are extremely clever. They know that giving an online bonus at a casino will attract more people and make them money.

Don’t mistakenly think this is a new way to play. The idea of “freebies” has been used by land-based casino around the world to encourage people to visit their casinos. Think of the free drinks, rooms, and other benefits that casinos provide.

How do online casinos make money giving away money. Bonus deals at casinos are structured so that you cannot withdraw the bonus amount from the casino until you have played a certain amount of hands/rolls/spins. The casinos realize that only a few people will have any bonus money left after playing these hands/rolls/spins. You can bet they also lost their deposit!

Most online casino players are either fun, or they don’t have a strategy. Or both. These people are the lifeblood a casino as they don’t know how the casino can beat them.

Every casino game has an average house edge, which is the percentage of profit that a casino earns from a specific game. Only way to overcome this house edge is to have a plan and work with the casino.

But let’s not forget about the casino bonuses.

Casino bonuses can be quite helpful, despite all the negative press. If you win the jackpot, they won’t make your life easy. You can make some extra money with just a little knowledge.

Read the terms and Conditions before signing up with any online casino to claim their latest bonus. All terms and conditions matter, but the following three points are essential.


This simply means that you must wager at least $1000 before you can withdraw the bonus. This is usually expressed in multiples of your deposit plus the bonus.

Example: $100 deposit and $100 bonus. The $100 bonus must be wagered at least $4,000 in order to be eligible for withdrawal. Your deposit can be withdrawn at your convenience at any moment.

Excluded games

Important! You cannot wager on certain games. These games include Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack.

But if you are patient and look around, you will find that many casinos will offer one or more of these games as part their wagering requirements.

Withdrawal conditions

There are some conditions that you must meet to withdraw the bonus. Even if the wagering requirements are met, you must still comply with certain conditions. These could be anything from a depositing minimum money to the ability to withdraw your winnings once you have reached a specific amount.

These conditions typically relate to bonuses at no cost (you do not need to deposit any money in order to get a bonus at a casino). Some casinos have these additional conditions that apply to deposit match bonuses.


To make money online with casino bonuses, you need to use a proven strategy. Your goal is not to lose any bonus, but to pass the wagering requirements. So you will have both your initial deposit and a bonus that you can withdraw for a nice profit.

You might have a great system, and even make some money on top of your casino bonus!

Good luck and let’s get started!