Quick Picks – The Ultimate Sports Betting System On the Market

When betting on sporting events, one of the greatest problems is choosing which games to place your bets on. Some people will bet all the games in one sport on any given day. Some people choose to bet on the team or sport they feel most strongly about. The betting process does not involve any statistical analysis or calculations. There are no trends or tendencies that can be analyzed or studied. Many people want the best betting program, which will show them exactly where to place their bets.

This business model is not risk-free. They make sure that the odds are in their favor so they can keep both sides winning. Gambling would not be allowed if there were no risks. Some betting programs guarantee high winning percentages. These programs can tell you which games you should place bets on, but they don’t make the decision of when you should place them.

John Morrison’s Sports Betting Champ eliminates all risk associated with gambling. He has examined the statistical trends, and has determined the right handicapping for each of the games or series of them. This will help you decide which games to wager on. His program was successful in 2009 with a 97% winning rate for Major League Baseball games, and a 97% success rate for the National Basketball Association. MLB offers 162 games per season. Each team could have up to 16 games at any given time. But you don’t need to bet every game. John’s method suggests that you only gamble on the games that pose the lowest statistical risks.

Here’s John’s quick overview:

Dr. John Morrison’s Secret Betting Tip#1 A team can usually win 3-1 against their opponent in their 3-game series about 10% of the time. Lesson: Although a team may lose the first game of a series, the odds of them winning the remaining two games are in their favor. They have a better chance if they are at most evenly matched with the opponent.

Here’s the way it works. John emails you the picks, and you only have three bets. If you lose the first, you can go on to place number 2. The same applies to losing bet number two. You then move on for bet number three. This is where the 97% winning selection comes in to play. John claims that if his system reaches his third bet, there’s a statistical 97% chance that he will win. Therefore, it is worth placing a large bet on this bet. This information is available in John’s sports betting system.